Contract administration & Employer’s Agent services

1Contract administration

The method of procurement and type of building contract will vary depending on the project’s value and complexity.  We can provide pre-contract services and advise you on the most appropriate way to procure the construction works.

Acting as Contract Administrator, we will manage the contract between the employer and contractor, ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract as well as keeping the client informed of the financial or programme impact of any variations.  Our role will include chairing meetings, inspecting the works and reporting on quality, progress and conformity with the contract documents, certifying payments and determining the final account.


Employer’s Agent Services

The Employer’s Agent act’s as a professional advisor to the employer in design and build contracts.  Quoin Building Consultants are able to develop the client’s brief into a full set of employer’s requirements for tendering procedures. We will manage the tendering process, analyse and report on tenders and prepare the contract documentation.   During the construction works we will manage the process of variations, monitor progress of works and ensure that the works conform to the employer’s requirements.  Cost and programme issues will be considered before issuing instructions, payments will be certified within the timescales set in the contract and during the project we will provide control over the whole process.