Party Walls

cracked wallCertain construction works carried out on or adjacent to the boundary between properties are regulated
under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  This can include the following works;

  • Building on or adjacent to the boundary
  • Works to a party wall or party structure separating two different owners
  • Certain excavation works within six metres of a boundary

The purpose of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is to prevent and resolve disputes between neighbours.
The Act sets out the rights and duties of both the building owner carrying out the works and the adjoining
owner whose property may be affected by the works.

Quoin Building Consultants can advise on whether proposed construction works fall within the scope of the Act and can prepare and
serve the appropriate notices.  We can also advise and act for adjoining owners who have been served with a notice.

Where a dispute arises between two owners any surveyor appointed to resolve that dispute has a duty to administer the act in an impartial
manner.  At Quoin Building Consultants we are experienced in party wall matters and have a comprehensive knowledge of how the Act